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Mike's Hothouse 

Mike's Hothouse   2036 Route 44-55, Modena NY

Open Mondays 11-4 pm, Thursdays 10-5pm

CHANGE IN HOURS FOR Friday June 22nd 10-3 pm & weekends 9-5 pm 

We still have a nice selection of plants for your flower or vegetable garden!

Garden store is open with seeds, frost blankets, tools, critter care, pottery, Naked Bee, no bite me & more.  

List of Pepper plants we are growing:  corno di toro, ghost, habanero red, hot portugal, hungarian wax, carolina reaper, chocolate habanero, lemon drop, jalapeno, hole mole, keystone, marconi, red bull, serrano, sweet banana, gypsy, Jamaican scotch bonnet, orange bell, red cherry hot, big chile, thai dragon, golden California wonder, etc.

Tomato varieties are: amana orange, carolina gold, German johnson, pineapple, ssun sugar, juliet (grape), beefsteak, yellow pear, chocolate stripe, early girl, green zebra, supersweet 100, black krim, supersteak, brandywine, mariana, mr stripey, boxcar willie, red deuce.      

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greenhouse photos

Welcome to Mike's Hothouse!

Located in New York's Hudson Valley region...2036 route 44-55, Modena NY 12548

store 845-883-6868  

What's growing this year?  This is a small list of what we are growing: canna lily, torenia, nasturtium, dichondra, heuchera, catmint, lavender, gentiana, rhubarb.  What's new you ask...crocosmia, campanula, broccolini, artichoke, pineapple sage, spearmint, applemint and Cherokee carbon tomato

Tomato varieties supersteak, early girl, amana orange, brandywine pink, boxcar willie, mariana plum, la roma 3, german johnson, yellow pear, mountain spring, mountain fresh, pineapple, san marzano, sun sugar, red deuce, beefsteak, cherokee purple, chocolate stripe, green zebra, sweet 100, black cherry, black krim & more

Pepper varieties golden Cal wonder, thai dragon, cherry red hot, jamaican scotch, sweet banana, red bull, lemon drop, poblano/ancho, marconi, keystone giant, jalapeno hungarian wax, hot portugal, habanero red, ghost, corno di toro, Carolina reaper, chocolate habanero, etc.

for info on Wedding, Funeral or Party Flowers & landscaping

email or call Portia 845-399-5928

Customers ask, what do you do when the greenhouses are closed?  Get your money's worth and let us design your floral needs.  We make fresh custom floral arrangements for weddings, parties and funerals all year.  We do landscape design and installation too.  We also make and mail holiday gift baskets primarily for companies.  The combinations are endless, the price is reasonable!  Call Portia for more info at 845-399-5928.

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We have

Naked Bee, etc

​​We still do landscaping

Updated list on what we have left for your garden...calibrachoa, million bells, superbells, ivy geraniums, angel wing begonias, wave petunias, spikes, bacopa, ornamental grass, canna lilies, gazania, snapdragons, portulaca,  petunias, lobelia, marigolds, straw flowers, lantana, nasturtium, dahlias, lofos, lobularia, cape dasies, gerbera dasies, surfinia, scaevola, bidens, verbena, torenia, new guinea impatiens, sunpatiens, sweet potato vines, phlox, strawberry plants, pansies, violas, coleus, salvia, morning glories, zinnias, alyssum, impatiens and begonias.  Perennials include, trees, roses, peony, boxwood, quince, magnolia shrubs, echinacea, lavender and more!